Oranjestad at sunset

Photographer Mick Miller welcomes you to 'Dreams by Light' and invites you to take your time exploring the different galleries of his work.

An award winning fine art photographer, Mick resided in Aruba from 2005 until 2010 and is now living in Bonita Springs, Florida. His photographic subjects of interest are landscapes, architecture, floral studies and objects or scenes that one might describe as macabre or bizarre.

Black & white is Mick's first passion but you will find his color work is equally inspiring. Although he now works with a digital camera and computer, he maintains his craft utilizing the tools and techniques of traditional photography. Filters are used on the cameras to create the original images rather than applying them later with a computer program. The computer serves as his chemical-free darkroom and is employed for traditional darkroom techniques such dodging and burning, increasing image latitude or toning. Mick feels that 'creating' an image in Photoshop® should be properly classified as digital photo illustration, an art form that is not to be confused with classic mimetic photography.

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