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My name is Mick Miller and I'd like to welcome you to "Dreams by Light". Before you begin exploring the different galleries of my work, allow me to tell you a bit about myself and my philosophy about photography as an art form.

From the Latin photos (light) and graph (write or record), photography in it's base form, is a recording of light reflected off an object. Whether recorded on film or by a electronic image sensor, a photograph starts with that initial exposure. For me, nothing is more exciting than to see an object or scene when the light is perfect. Often I will see something of interest but it will be the wrong time of the day or even the wrong time of the year. This is especially true with landscapes, in which the only control I have is my position, choice of lens, filters and the settings on the camera. After the initial recording it is my control of the image in the computer darkroom that enables me to create a final print. It is in the printing process that I make the final artistic decisions. Do I print in color or monochrome? Is it necessary to crop an the image? What areas should be burned and dodged? It is the culmination of all these variables that takes the photograph from being just a snapshot to a work of art.

Black & white is my first passion but hope you will find my color work as equally inspiring. My photographic subjects of interest are landscapes, architecture, floral studies and on occasion, objects and scenes that one might describe as macabre or bizarre. Although I now work with a digital camera and computer, I maintain my craft utilizing the tools and techniques of traditional photography. Filters are used on the cameras to create the original images rather than applying them later with a computer program. The computer serves as my chemical-free darkroom and is employed for traditional darkroom techniques such dodging and burning, increasing image latitude or toning. 'Creating' an image in photoshop is properly classified as digital photo illustration. It is an art form in itself and should not to be confused with classic mimetic photography.

In the early 1970's I studied commercial photography at the Germain School of Photography in New York City . At that time they taught how to create photographs but neglected to teach how to start and run a business. Upon graduating I was broke and totally ignorant as to how to start business as a professional photographer so I went back to work doing something I had trained for before going to photography school, the restaurant business, and just continued to shoot for my own pleasure. I remained in the food service industry, eventually owning my own restaurant from 1986 until 1995. By displaying and selling my work at the restaurant, I was free to pursue photography as an artist and I did not have to rely on competing with other photographers to make a living.

In 1995 I sold my restaurant and opened a gallery for photography. I was able to sell my own work as well as provide other photographers an outlet for their photographic art. Besides selling my work and the works of others, I gave lessons to aspiring photographers and lectured at local photography clubs and area schools.

I moved to Aruba in 2005 and became a full time resident. I had been coming to Aruba since 1997 and was eager to leave the hustle and bustle of New Jersey and to live a more idyllic lifestyle. While in my new home I participated in several group exhibitions, had a joint show at the Toyota Art Gallery 168 with fellow New Jersey expatriate and painter, Joseph Miklojcik and taught classes at the International School of Aruba. I also had two solo exhibitions. One at Het Binnenhuys and the other at the National Library.

2010 brought another change and a move to Bonita Springs, Florida. I decided to change my web gallery with a new name, look and feel. I have new places to explore and soon, new friends and photos.

I now invite you to take your time and explore the different galleries of my work. I hope you enjoy my efforts and if you do, please tell a friend.

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