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Giclée Printing from Digital Work

Often digital files of computer generated art with extremely bright and saturated colors. Below is an explanation of the particular challenges presented with printing giclées of out of gamut colors.

Although we print your giclée with RGB, we often see files that far surpass the capabilities of any form of reproduction available. One example is a color that measures 0, 0, 250. In Photoshop, please take a measurement of extremely bright and saturated colors to see where they fall. With the numbers above it will be a very strong, almost pure blue. Giclée printing utilizes 6, 7 or more inks. Unfortunately it is not possible to render such values as they are related to pure primary colors that are used for instance in computer monitors. We often hear: ”But it looks great on my screen!”. It is like comparing apples to oranges - reflective light from the giclée and transmitted light from the monitor.

What does all this mean? In practical terms very bright colors, especially blues, are hard to duplicate. Another extremely important factor is which substrate is used. Photographic type paper, such as Ilford has the widest gamut and canvas the narrowest. Expect to get brighter colors on papers designed for inkjet photographic use.

What can we do to remedy the problem? On our end it is possible to isolate the out of gamut colors that are shifting and bring them back to a range that will make them print without, for example, turning magenta or other unwanted hues.

Please understand that if this is the case we reserve the right to let you know how much work is involved. If you are capable to provide us with adjusted colors we of course will not charge time spent. A typical correction charge, if done by us, runs usually between $30 and $50 per file.

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