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Web Site Design and Service

Web site design comes at many levels and often a developer will recommend to a client more than what is actually needed. I have always operated on the premise of keeping things as simple as possible. Do you really need flaming logos, animations of dancing hamsters and a musical sound track or are you looking for a clean, visually pleasing web site that people will come back to?

Some of the biggest complaints from users of a web site are:

  • Difficult navigation
  • Hard to view (poor color or font choices)
  • No new content
  • Slow loading
  • Broken links

Remember the purpose of your web site; it's a tool in your marketing arsenal. Increasing traffic to your web site is important, but keeping motivated visitors there once they arrive is paramount.

Clean, Simple & Current

Content is king! Unless you are creating a web site for pure entertainment purposes, visitors are usually looking for something in particular. Whether it's a product, a service or just information; they want it to be easy to find, correct, concise and current. I can provide the design, create graphics and take photographs, write copy, provide web hosting and most important - work with you to keep your site updated.

Email or call 239 949-4684 so we can discuss your needs and budget.

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